Karthik pattabiraman thesis

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Diwakar R Pattabiraman, PhD

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Karthik Pattabiraman Thesis

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Yuheng Long

Carter PhD Dissertation Award in Dependability has been awarded to Christoph Borchert for his disseration "Aspect-Oriented Technology for Dependable Operating Systems" done at the Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany. Northeastern University's College of Engineering, which is located in Boston, Massachusetts, is leading the way in interdisciplinary research.

Maryam Raiyat Aliabadi was a participant in the UBC Three Minute Thesis competition, with her presentation, "ARTINALI: Dynamic invariant detection for Cyber-Physical System Security”.

hopebayboatdays.com Thesis Mentor - Prof. Bhaskar hopebayboatdays.com PUBLICATIONS: 1. Karthik Sivasubrahmanian, Mahesh Pattabiraman and V. Ramamurthy. “Nature of Interactions Plays the Important Role: Understanding the host-guest interactions on the Product Selectivity in Photodimerization Reactions”.

Curriculum Vitae: Karthik Pattabiraman Address: Fred Kaiser Building, Univ of British Columbia, Main Mall, Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4.

Email: [email protected] Alternate Email: [email protected][email protected] Alternate Email: [email protected]. Dynamic storage allocation has become increasingly important in many applications, in part dueto the use of the object-oriented paradigm.

At the same time, processor architectures are includingdeeper cache memory hierarchies to hide the increasing latency to main memory.

Karthik pattabiraman thesis
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