Law prohibits discrimination base on sexual orientation

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Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Your Rights

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New Pa. Guidance Interprets Anti-Discrimination Law to Cover LGBT Individuals

Laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation are being considered on the federal level (versions of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act ofor “ENDA,” have been introduced in the House and Senate), and on the state level (Ohio H.B.

). The state law only sets the minimum requirements, and towns and cities can enact more stringent laws that outlaw discrimination for other reasons like sexual orientation. For example, Philadelphia’s Fair Practices Ordinance makes it illegal to base employment decisions on sexual orientation.

Second Circuit Holds That Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation Is Illegal Under Title VII

In a landmark decision, the Second Circuit (which covers New York, Connecticut, and Vermont), ruled that discrimination based on an employees’ sexual orientation is actionable under Title VII.

NEW YORK, February 26, (LifeSiteNews) – A federal appeals court ruled Monday that a law prohibiting discrimination based on one’s sex also applies to “sexual orientation.”The case. New Jersey Law Prohibits Sexual Orientation Discrimination.

To establish a claim of hostile work environment based on sexual orientation, a victim must demonstrate that the conduct in question was unwelcome, that it occurred because of his or her sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation, and that a reasonable person of the same actual or perceived orientation would consider it.

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Law prohibits discrimination base on sexual orientation
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