Using wind power in saudi arabia

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Saudi Aramco and GE deliver the first wind turbine in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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A study of five cities in Saudi Arabia based on data collected between and concluded the viability of using wind energy to power off and on-grid locations.

4 The five sites represented different geographic and climatological conditions. Phoenix Solar says that it has completed the largest open-land solar installation in Saudi Arabia.

The solar farm has a capacity of MW and has been constructed on land belonging to the world's largest oil research centre, the "King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center" in Riyadh. SAUDI ARABIA: The world's largest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, has an ambitious plan to create 54GW of renewable energy, 9GW of this wind, by This content can be viewed only by full subscribers.

Please subscribe for full access. Solar power in Saudi Arabia has become more important to the country as oil prices have risen. Inover 50% of electricity was produced by burning oil. The Saudi agency in charge of developing the nations renewable energy sector. Supplied by GE, the wind turbine will provide power to Saudi Aramco’s Bulk Plant located in Turaif, in northwest Saudi Arabia.

The demonstration project has been developed by Saudi Aramco in partnership with GE to highlight the viability of deploying wind power in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia plans to harness the power of the wind for electricity, in a first for the oil-reliant kingdom. Currently, less than 1 percent of Saudi Arabia's energy is renewable. But, the kingdom's Vision aims to change this, and Saudi Aramco is leading the way.

Using wind power in saudi arabia
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